A young couple’s guide in acquiring a first home

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For a newly married young couple, purchasing a first home is not a joke, it can be very stressful and draining. To assist them in deciding which to pick, here are some strategies that will help them, as they are doing the most significant purchase in their entire lives.

Set vivid  priorities 

When purchasing your initial unit, try to weigh the need over the want, focus on the necessity and significance for the both of you. You need to outline some set of questions that will come up with a search for your aspired home.

Do you expect for a big family in the future, so you should have a  huge unit, or a small one is enough for both of you? Is the proximity to parents or workplace matters?  Should it be near to the prestigious educational institutions or some playgrounds and parks?

Don’t outlive your income 

No one wants to let go of his first bought residential property just because the bank pulls out due to the failure of proper payment, thus it is so important to evaluate family’s finances for the housing.

The bestseller units in Singapore are the HDB flats, then next is the Executive condominiums. Those in upper class have other choices such as landed homes and private condos.

Hire a Realtor or a  property agent

Old school said you can save the commission by not connecting with a property agent.  Actually, if it is your first time both to buy a home, then it is recommended to hire a licensed property agent.

Through an agent, you and the family can save time and effort over home -buying procedure.  Agents don’t only assist you in seeing the property that is perfect for the family’s necessity, they also are responsible for all the documents related to the sale because of their broad knowledge of the different real estate policies.  Nonetheless, they will safeguard your interests and offers advice on some issues like the hidden malfunctions.

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