Kampung Admiralty to receive award for outstanding landscape architecture

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The tenants of the newest  11-storey Kampung Admiralty condominium can’t contain the happiness as she won the accolade for the outstanding landscape architecture. This is the first ever retirement community in the whole Singapore to be given such recognition.

Along with its exquisite vertical kampung layout, the complex fused residential properties with stores, shops, medical facilities, elderly and childcare centers. The first occupants have just moved in the place.

From eight down to six level, the units have a shared park rooftop community, vegetable gardens, and rain catchment section that permits recycling of water thus helps in watering the plants around the area.

The property will be given the one and only Outstanding Award for the year 2017, the highest award so far and this will take place on Thursday, November 9 at the Seventh Skyrise Greenery Awards. The recognition program was sponsored by the dynamic National Parks Board or NParks last 2008 with the aim of recognizing exceptional landscape layout in Singapore.

Nparks set requisites in order to qualify, evaluation was based on kinds of building: small-scale residential, commercial, industrial, educational institutions, multi-unit residential and community facilities.

There are also thirteen more urban green properties which will be given excellence awards for creating a captivating skyrise greenery layout and for the commendable idea of planting edible plants at rooftop garden.

All winning developers were given plaques, trophies, and certificates while a cold cash as high as $8,000, $1,500 and $500 will be awarded to special awardees.

NParks explained that with the collaborated effort of different agencies for innovations yields on realizing Singapore’s fast urban development and maximizing the available land by constructing green landscapes such as the rooftop gardens,  green walls, and greenery sky decks.

This plays a role in coining the theme of biennial Skyrise Greenery Awards.

This year about 177  joined and submitted, and 40 percent increase compared to 2015. The figure slowly goes up  in 2008 for about nine submissions.

The Skyrise Greenery Awards is done together with the third GUSA or Green UrbansScape Asia summit, held at Singapore Expo this weekend.

GUSA 2017 showcases  3 straight days of forums and exhibits of the newest greenery projects, urban innovations, and advanced technology.

The ceremony will also present the 14 developments which deserve the certificate of  Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework (LEAF).

The LEAF certified developments recommend another basis for landscape designs and greenery of the urban by bringing some animal species and different kinds of plants to grow and propagate in more urban places.

The awarding on Thursday will be presented by the Minister for Social and Family Development, Mr. Desmond Lee and assisted by the second Minister for National Development.

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