The first ‘retirement Kampung’ stirs to life as residents move in

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The fitness area is adjacent to the playground, so while they exercise, grandchildren can play. This is what makes the place impressive and adorable for senior citizens.

As a new occupant arrives in Kampung Admiralty, he or she would be warmly welcomed by Mr. Heng Gee Choo.

He is one of the first residents of retirement kampung of Singapore. He is only 60 years of age and shared, ” This place is best than a kampung. The residents here are of our age, easier to mingle and we have same free time to talk and do some exercise. When a new resident moves in,  I warmly welcomed him or her. We wish someday we can talk over a cup of tea or some party gathering.”

Resided after Admiralty MRT Station, the stunning Kampung Admiralty is free-standing. The two HDB units properties, with a two storey Admiral Medical Centre run by Alexander Health System. The place can be described as a hawker area, indoor gardening, and farming, a great senile hub.  The innovative hub lies parallel to a childcare center and by February both will be opened simultaneously.

Finally, there is a safe place for our baby girl right at the childcare center, Mr. Heng added.

Both the grandparents are the caretakers to their grandaughter every Mondays to Fridays when parents are out for their respective works.

As of October, around 20 households out of 30 got their keys and have fully occupied their respective units. All the 104 flats of Kampung Admiralty were selling fast after its launching last 2014 of July, BTO or Build -To-Order exercise.

In a span of two weeks, the senior couple was occupied in organizing and making their new home beautiful, taking care their 20-month old granddaughter and making acquaintances with their neighbors.

Mr. Heng,  the proprietor of a certain renovation company revealed that both of them(he and his wife) decided to have a smaller unit from a four-room flat located in Marsiling in lieu of comfort and being practical. The couple can also avail the various program that promotes health and wellness to the seniors. For those who have seniors who have special needs, daycare and rehabilitation services are provided even extending help for those homebound elderly.

The staff of active -aging hub can assist the senior in doing their groceries, some household routines or even personal hygiene when needed.  The occupants are allowed to place some alarm devices for emergency purposes.

The complex is the pioneering almost identical to the 10 housing board build to order property tailored for both elderly and childcare centers built in the same place.

Just last week, the place was full -packed with different activities. Students, families, old folks, meet together in the ground which attracted retailers like the Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Mos Burger and Japanese Confectionery Chateraise, Mr Bean and Starbucks. More restaurants, supermarket which will open in the next month to come.

Wang Qing Hui, 70, years old, a retired shipping head, wants to interact with other resident seniors. He and her wife moved to that place last Saturday.

“Boredom kills! What is significant in life is not so much in acquiring material things but it is more in finding company. “Mr. Wang and Mr. Heng waited for the arrival of Ahmad Mohammad, a grab driver.

Mr. Ahmad was identified as the first occupant.  He together with her wife Norhati Nordin, transferred into his 45 sqm unit apartment straight to the eighth floor in August.

A grandfather who grew in kampung with grandchildren said, “I roamed around to check if there are other senior neighbors or some individual. I want to have more friends. We often sit on the porch and interact  with  the neighbors.”

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