Driverless truck first time in operation at Jurong Island

Driverless truck

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The Belgian logistics team headed by Katoen Natie finally unfolded its amazing First Driverless Truck.  Its first operation is in the areas of ExxonMobil’s production site right at Jurong Island.

The truck used to deliver goods both for company’s brand labels and intermediate repository paraphernalia. It works 24/ 7, round the clock, from Mondays to Sundays just to transport around 250,000 tons of merchandise yearly.

October 24, Tuesday is the dry run, Katoen Natie told proudly that the autonomous, incredible, truck project will have its full expansion in the next six months, from one it will increase to twelve trucks, transporting 3 million tons of product annually.

Koen Cardon, the CEO of Katoen Natie Singapore shared, ” We bring together, technology, logistics, engineering operations to promote innovations paired with tailor-made solutions to clients of different sectors.”

“Such project mirrors the flawless example of the modernization we offer to the public, creating values as much as opening  doors of polishing and upgrading skills of the manpower.”

Singapore is exerting all its effort in achieving the full blast expansion of driverless trucks by 2020.

Last January, the Toyota Tsusho, and Scania came to terms with the Ministry of Transport and the PSA to develop, design and experiment platooning system of trucks, where a man-driven truck heads a convoy of driverless trucks through wireless communications.

The ST Kinetics told its plan of putting two driverless buses on public roads by October 2020.

Previous December, Nanyang Technological University revealed its plan in introducing its driverless shuttle which can carry as many as 15 passengers at a distance of 1.5km which means a route from Clean Tech Park to the university campus.

Driverless trucks and cars are long tested and proven in Europe, operating thousands of kilometers for the last three years.


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