Does distance between schools and your property matter?

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It is really amazing how people are so stressed on matters related to the time spent and the distance it incurred considering that we lived in a country with the small area only, where going from one location to another would never been a problem.

Yet, the distance would always be local ‘s concern, with a huge effort and time minimizing the extent of how a person complies with necessity and responsibility. This is especially in terms of finding a place close to the school, where often it’s been said, success in primary school has to do with the distance of the school from each home.

Nevertheless, acquiring a home close to schools and not succeeding is synonymous in investing huge of dollars and slowly witnessing it melting down. It is a high risk moved since your success is congruent to the distance to the school and how fast you enrol.

MOE’s stance on living  to nearest primary school

As what the timeless policy says, homeowners who are within 1 km range from school are given the highest priority during the primary school enrolment and it ends up for parents not able to acquire homes of their dreams because of this privilege. The top-ranked schools are expected to be filled with more than what is expected.

Although the child is already a priority in the admission via the distance classification, he is still obliged to live over the address he registered for more or less 30 months after graduation of the Primary One Registration Exercise on June 28, 2018.

How everything works

In order to have the chance to enjoy such privileges, some significant actions need to be taken related to Phase of registration or commonly known as Phase 2C.

Singaporeans or Singapore Citizens are entitled to such privilege in every enrolment in all schools.  PRs or Singapore Permanent Residents have a slimmer chance but in time when the SC quota fails to meet then this will pave the way to the PRs.

Above is an example of their site MOE has presented: This table shows test vacancy of 50.

Children who reside nearer or lesser than 1 Km directly from the school’s vicinity will have the highest priority, followed by those in between 2 km to 1 Km and this yields to 48 confirmed recorded students.

Because there are eight Singaporeans that resides farther than 2 km, the left two slots shall be balloted among themselves.

Another significant point is that Singapore Citizens will be given the priority over the PRs which means only after all Singapore locals accommodation into the desired school that PR’s can be catered to fill in the remaining vacancies. The distance policy is always observed.

In chances when all the Pr’s and Singapore Citizens have been officially admitted then this is the only time and chance for all non-Singapore Citizens/PR students who applied will be given the chance to join the balloting process for the remaining open slots.

The four priority phases

It is significant to be guided by the four prior stages or phases that caters this whole process. Often, the first recipient of the call of admission is for parents who have kids enrolled in the said school. All children who are covered by Phase 2A or the first phase are given reserved slots.

After succeeding days, Phase 2A(1) will take effect and for those parents who were able to study in the same school and officially a member of the school’s alumni organization can have the chance to register in any school of their choice.

In Phase 2A(2), children with parents or siblings who have studied in the school or whose parent is a member of the staff of the relevant school will now be able to register.

Enrollment via Distance -based whose parents have no connection to the said school only starts right after the rounds are done and really numbers and a time game.

The reason behind is due to the bulk number of residents who are not covered in 1 km zone from the school. Another reason is that most parents who bring their child in that particular school were once a student of that school, meaning it is their alma mater and a member of school’s alumni thus this leads to a scenario where parents who have no connection or affiliation, not alumni have a slim chance of slots.

Does that mean that living near a school really matters?

Frustrating as it sounds maybe especially for those without affiliations but come to think that there are a thousand of schools around Singapore, therefore there are also thousands of school vacancies bigger than what was mentioned, which means you’re not fighting towards lesser percentage. Honestly, there is enough for everybody as long as you know the right timing to hit the iron while it’s still hot.

Often, if a child is at a valid age for primary education over a given year,  they can qualify for a Phase 2C and Phase 2C Supplementary. Therefore if having a goal in buying or renting a home that is close to schools have to be done at least 3 years prior to the kid’s enrolment so you can have other choices if in case the initial move fails. It is suggested to grab a place within 1 km from the school to have more chances thus improving odds against success.

Also, there is no hurt in trying, why not contact the school for possible vacancies and ask for the date to start registering.

If in case you have no luck in grabbing a place in school following a Phase 2C Supplementary, you can consult MOE who can assist in school admission that is presently vacant and this is a first-come-first-served basis.

To know more about the criteria for registration entry, it is recommended to check with MOE. 


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