Developers must now study traffic impact, propose car-lite measures for en bloc sites

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It is a requirement to have a PAFS or Pre-application feasibility study on proposals for residential en bloc redevelopment. It aims to evaluate the traffic issues and suggest car-lite solutions, revealed via circular published by Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and Land Transportation Authority (LTA), November 13, Monday.

This policy came after the bulk submission of applications for more property developments in the said areas, which is foreseen as the major cause of traffic in coming days.

To take effect immediately, property agencies or developers functioning on behalf on the committee of collective sales are urged to hand in the Pre-application feasibility study to the authorized agency, the LTA for assessment and approval prior to the submission of the development application or outline proposal to the URA.

The study is suitable to the area which is zoned for residential, commercial and residential, a residential with commercial at the first level whose proposal been approved on or before November 12 is excluded from the new policy.

Interested entities need to consult the authorize traffic expert to evaluate the approximated allowable number of units that can be constructed that will affect the flow of the traffic on the neighboring junctions and suggest car-lite options,  traffic management remedies or attainable transport improvements strategies like sparing some areas for adding road lanes or road widening.

The LTA and URA said, ” From a transport and planning context, the compelling increase in housing units can be a factor  to disturb the ongoing road network of the area thus  it will bring  traffic jam and disamenities  for the occupants.”

” It is a must to consider how this redevelopment affects physical environment  in a way that would be more viable and in sync with our goal for a more homey and car-lite city.”

The study is expected to reduce the need to modify development plans and accelerate the method of approval.

The LTA and URA  pursuits to monitor and evaluate if extending the PAFS is still needed to other kinds of developments in the near future.

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