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Over 200 divorcees allowed to buy HDB flat sans ex-spouses’ consent

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) of Singapore has given divorcees a chance to buy a subsidized property without the need to submit a consent from the ex-spouse for over  200 chances in past three fiscal years, per a recorded parliamentary answer from the office of Ministry of National Development, January 9, Tuesday. The existing policy…

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17 buildings completed removal of non-compliant cladding

Among the 34 properties positive in not using prescribed cladding, 17 have confirmed the removal of the cladding, reported the Singaporean Civil Defence Force( SCDF). In August, SCDF announced that two models of the Alubond brand composite panel, which was used as cladding on external walls of buildings, were found to be non-compliant with Fire…

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CapitaLand inks S$10m tie-up with EDB to upskill staff, test new technologies

The famous and credible property developer of Singapore, the  Capitaland is determined to escalate its innovation goal given an allocation of S$10 million programmes both in technology and training in collaboration with the  Singapore Economic  Development Board (EDB). Designated CapitaLand ELEVATE, the said programme concentrates on updating the company’s personnel particularly in areas like the digital marketing,…

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Upgrading from an HDB flat to a condo unit – steps to take

If you are planning to ameliorate your property, from HDB to a condominium,  it is a must for you to be acquainted with its complete details. This is what you need to do, depending if you want to buy -then -sell or sell-then -buy: Pivotal highlights If the condominium is acquired ahead of the selling…

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Will Bitcoin affect Real Estate Business?

This isn’t belong to those articles who are telling you to acquire Bitcoin. But the technology that afters on it should interest property purchasers even without financing in Bitcoin. The appearance of smart agreements means renting and purchasing properties can be faster and a lot cheaper. Below are the reasons why property financiers will want…

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