Over 200 divorcees allowed to buy HDB flat sans ex-spouses’ consent

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The Housing and Development Board (HDB) of Singapore has given divorcees a chance to buy a subsidized property without the need to submit a consent from the ex-spouse for over  200 chances in past three fiscal years, per a recorded parliamentary answer from the office of Ministry of National Development, January 9, Tuesday.

The existing policy stated that parents are only allowed to acquire an HDB property within the period of three years from separating provided they are officially recognized as having the full authority to nurture and control the children out from an annulled marriage. However, the children must be under 18  years old during the time of annulment or separation.

Nonetheless, there are exemptions, the HDB  can waive the consent requisites for some grounds, such as less family support and financial issues.

This was announced by the  Ministry as an answer to the query thrown by the Member of the Parliament, Louis NG Kok Kwang of Group Representation Constituency (GRC), Nee Soon.

Meantime, Ng questioned on the situation of single and unwed parents below 35,  how can they be allowed and qualified to own or lease a residential property of the Housing Development Board.

” Unwed parents at legal age and above can submit for application to lease or buy a residential flat with the presence and assistance of the parents. They are recommended to be under same roof with the parents to ensure support and mutual care of the child,” the Ministry answered.

” In absence of family support, the HDB imposed flexibility over the needs-basis  for the chance of  purchasing or leasing the flat.” They have to qualify for the income requirement for singles which is a minimum of $6,000  to be able to buy the property or flat.

In relation to the query raised by Ng related to the factors utilized by the HDB to identify whether unwed parents can avail other housing alternative plans, the Ministry reiterated that the government agency examines their housing budget depending on the CPF income and savings, taking consideration their living operational expenses.


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