17 buildings completed removal of non-compliant cladding

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Among the 34 properties positive in not using prescribed cladding, 17 have confirmed the removal of the cladding, reported the Singaporean Civil Defence Force( SCDF).

In August, SCDF announced that two models of the Alubond brand composite panel, which was used as cladding on external walls of buildings, were found to be non-compliant with Fire Code requisites.

The issue of the non -compliance of building cladding came into the surface after the fire incident at 30 Toh Guan Road of May 2018 which claimed a life of the 54-year-old woman, published Channel News Asia.

With the latest update, SCDF told the 17 more buildings are on their way of confiscating the cladding which did not follow the standard cladding requirements.

Also, it was discovered two more panel models, the Bolli and Bolliya Core FR  which can’t be categorized as a certified class “O”. SCDF recorded seven more properties might be included in the new listed finding.

Two more developments might be included for non -compliance of composite panel’s model.

Inquiry and examination are going on to know how this non-compliance composite panels or substandard composite panels able to pass the quality controller and be used by there property developments.

Property developments with unrestrained public access are the Vista Point located around 548 Woodlands Drive 44 and JTC LaunchPad.

SCDF shared that all building owners which are involved are informed already.

“All  involved property owners whose cladding was marked as non -compliant over Fire Code Policy must seek  help with the expert to get rid off of affected cladding for 60 days period, which will start in the lowest level.”

“Meanwhile, owners of the property are compelled to intensify fire safety measures by assuring that an efficient fire safety system, imposing vigilance to all the workers and throwing all fire hazards materials.

SCDF further added that they collaborated with certification bodies and experts to evaluate buildings around the area which have non- compliant cladding.

Fire safety policies and certification over “the significance of composite panels as cladding with a plan of intensifying them.”

The output of the review will be posted by 2018.

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